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This past Sunday, Tom and I went on a little “date ride” to Black Hill Regional Park in Boyds, MD (near Germantown). Neither of us had ever biked these trails before so we thought it would be fun to explore the area and take some snazzy photos for the website.
Its was truly a beautiful October day. The park was filled with families and the trails were dry and quiet. The Black Hill Regional Park trails are a mixture of surfaces ranging from paved and hard natural to rocky and rolling.

The posted picture was taken at the boat dock area right after I lost our trail map. No problem though, we followed the road until we came to a trail entrance and continued on.

Afterwards we stopped by a place in Germantown called Jaspers where we loaded up on fried shrimp and mashed potatoes – yum…

It was a good day with the old man 🙂



  • Tom
    Posted October 18, 2006 at 3:26 pm

    It was fun thanks for the ride old lady!

  • Mike
    Posted October 18, 2006 at 3:39 pm

    A date huh? Shrimp, they are like mini Lobsters right? 😉

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A Date at Black Hills - The Bicycle Escape