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How do I schedule an appointment? 

Simply call or text us at 301-663-0007 and tell us what you need. Email works too ( Please include your name, location and the service that you feel is appropriate. Clear pictures of your bike can also be helpful. 

Do you rent bikes?

No we do not.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit Cards, Checks, Cash, Venmo

Do you have a storefront/location?

No, TBEM does not have a traditional retail location.

Do you charge a destination fee to pick up your bike?

No we do not. We have a minimum requirement that $65 be spent on labor but this fee is APPLIED towards your service work, it is NOT in ADDITION to your service work.

What includes your service area?

We service most of Frederick County. If you’re too far, perhaps we can meet the next time you come to or around the City of Frederick.

Is a mobile service more expensive, it seems like a ‘white glove service’?

For about 95% of our service calls our mobile service is priced the same as brick and mortar. The only exception would be super minor repairs that fall below labor $65. In this circumstance you would pay a bit more for the service but of course you would be saving time, fuel cost, and hassle. 

Do you fix E-Bikes

In most cases YES we do.

 Do you fix bikes on the spot or do you take them somewhere?

It depends, we have a mobile service van that we often use but due to timing, location, the severity of the repair and other factors we may choose to bring the bike back to our shop where we have more resources. Either way this does not typically affect the price. 

I have a weird question/service request?

We are happy to chat with you about your project. Over the years we have fixed walkers, wheelchairs, sports equipment, pedal cars, and many other items. We are a very small shop of mechanics that prides ourselves on solid mechanical logic and creative problem solving. We can’t promise that we can help but we are always willing to talk and consider different projects. 

Do you assemble bikes purchased elsewhere?

We sure do! We suggest leaving the bike in the box and giving us a call.

Do you assemble trikes?

Yes BUT we have assembled many Amazon-purchased trikes sold under various brand names and we find their quality to be lacking. They often cannot be adjusted to shift smoothly and operate without brake rub. We suggest you purchase a tuned and assembled Sun or Evo (or similar) brand Trike from a bike shop. Overall the cost is similar to that of an Amazon trike plus the assembly cost. Unfortunately, The Bicycle Escape Mobile does not sell Trikes at this time.

Do you sell new and used bikes?

Yes, we sell both. We can bring them to your location or meet you at a park or another area that has a nice and safe place to  test ride. We do our best to list our inventory on our website under the STORE tab.

Do you purchase bikes?

Yes, in some cases we sure do. Text us some pics and give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions - The Bicycle Escape