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Escape the Ordinary

To say that bikes are our passion would be an understatement. They’re our “Ikigai” – our reason to get out of bed in the morning and enjoy life.

In 2005 we were young, we were determined, we were newly married – and we wanted to open an independent bike shop. I had been working in bike shops and riding seriously since I was 15 and had never left the two-wheeled world. My wife, Danielle, had a background in nonprofit and a passion for small, local businesses. We wanted to create the kind of company that celebrates the things that mattered most to us: family, commitment, hard work, and of course – cycling. The name of the shop originated from these ideals. For us, bicycling is a way to leave behind the hustle and grind of everyday life and do something a little extraordinary in a completely ordinary way.

In the early days planning the new shop we were joined by my father, Roger, who has decades of experience working in the nonprofit world. He has stoked the fire of our community involvement and helped the shop mature into the entity it is today – providing resources, growing local area cycling, and giving back unremittingly. 

At the end of 2021 we recognized that while our shop had reached record sales goals (and we were certainly working HARD) we were falling short in other areas. Our tents were cycling, family, commitment, and hard work but the first two were getting overlooked. At the same time large companies that we were doing business with were working hard to suck the independance out of our business. This was unacceptable and it was in the shadow of these realities that we launched TBE Mobile. This new way of running a shop allows us complete autonomy, more focused interactions with clients, and the ability to save our clients time while offering more creative solutions to keep them on their bike. At the end of the day The Bicycle Escape Mobile is more than a bike shop on wheels. We’re a family working tirelessly to make our community a great place to live – one bike at a time.

-Tom Rinker, Co-Owner, The Bicycle Escape

The Road We Rode

Our Team

Roger has been involved with The Bicycle Escape since conception. He brings big passion, big knowledge and a big smile to the shop. His background in the nonprofit sector and in electronics are invaluable to the shop’s mission of service and advocacy.

Tom entered a bike shop looking for a job in 1995 and has never left. Over the decades he has held every position in a bike shop but is most comfortable at a meticulously organized workbench.

Danielle is the woman behind the curtain keeping the shop moving forward. You will see her design elements on anything related to the shop.

The Bicycle Escape - Mobile Bike Shop