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Tom and I both graduated from Linganore High School in 1998, in fact, that is where we met and became good friends. It wasn’t until college that Tom swept me off my feet and we began dating but that’s another story…
In high school we were both average students who hated math, loved music and had nothing to do with football, pep rallies or the FFA. You won’t find our pictures in the superlative or student government sections of the yearbook but rather the art club, track team and, for Tom, in the Women’s Issues club (you could always find him wherever the ladies gathered). So, little did we ever imagine that one day we’d be featured in our school newspaper 8 years after receiving our diplomas.

But NOW, we are officially the coolest Linganore High School Alumni ever! In the October issue of the school paper, The Lance, you will find an article featuring 2 LHS grads who opened a business in Frederick. Those 2 grads are yours truly, Tom and Danielle Rinker (that’s me). It is a nicely written article with an adequate photo of us (I look like I am chewing on straw or something). The article talks about our favorite (or least favorite) classes in school but more importantly about our beautiful bicycle shop itself and the advice we would give to anyone thinking about opening their own business. We really wanted today’s youth to know that, with hard work and committment, even average students can achieve their dreams (I know, I know…I sound like an after school special.)
P.S. – You will still find Tom wherever the ladies gather…


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