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Danielle and I have a great deal to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. In addition to celebrating good health, supportive family and great friends we have reached the one year anniversary of The Bicycle Escape.

As we reflect on one year of business we also reflect on the friends and family that have helped to make this endeavor possible. When Danielle and I took position of the big empty shell that you know as The Bicycle Escape it was friends and family that hung the drywall, laid the floor, assembled the fixtures, and helped to complete all of the tasks necessary to bring our vision to life. We have been so touched by your support. It seems impossible to express our gratitude. For everyone that enjoys having The Bicycle Escape as a resource we hope that you too will appreciate the hard work that these people have volunteered and continue to volunteer, without these efforts this store would not be in existence. We are equally grateful for those of you who patronize The Bicycle Escape, we will not remain in business without this support. Thank you all so very much and may you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Tom & Danielle

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  • Hjalti
    Posted November 27, 2006 at 10:16 am

    I thought about you guys on Wednesday evening as I drove past on the way home from work. Was it just a year ago that I was banging on the door to check things out before you were actually open? It feels like longer, I think because you’ve become a fixture of the local bike community. Congrats on the first year and here’s hoping for many more!

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Thanksgiving Anniversary - The Bicycle Escape