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The Gambrill Night Ride was a bust. With the temps hovering around freezing, conditions were up in the air. The five brave souls found trails covered by virtually un-rideable slush. After about 1.5 miles we called it a day and headed home to our warm and cozy houses.

This ride comes in great contrast to the one I took on Sunday with my new Jamis Exile 29er single speed. The snow was frozen solid and I was able to skate across the top- always on the verge on loosing control. It was great. I pedaled around some local school soccer fields, and down a few prime sledding hills. I then raced over to an abandoned rock quarry near my house. The snow made it possible to ride places you can not in the warmer months so there is no need to be restricted to the trail. I snaked in and out around trees with a child-like grin. It was lots of fun but I must admit I am a little anxious to hit the dirt again.


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  • Mike
    Posted February 26, 2007 at 12:21 pm

    That sure is a cool bike. How would I go about getting one of those? 😉 A word to Jamis……MAKE MORE BIKES! PLEASE!

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