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We have been renting bicycles, car racks, baby trailers, roof top cargo carriers, helmets, bags, bike locks and more for years now, but I don’t feel we have done an effective job of sharing the information.So, here I go with great news about rentals from The Bicycle Escape. We rent bikes! We also rent the gear you’ll need to enjoy a day, a week, or just a few hours riding with friends or family.  Some of the the details are listed on our website but often an actual conversation is the best way to set up a rental.  I know, I know, it is 2019 and people don’t talk on the phone anymore, but give it a try! Better yet, stop by in person for all the details. Just this week we rented several bikes and the appropriate gear to a group to take a multi-day-trip down the C&O Canal. By talking with us and our friends at  2 Wheel Escapes (who are handling their transportation needs) we were able to help arrange a made-to-order trip for the group that saved them both time and money.

Our bicycle rental fleet is ever changing and growing, but you can expect some of the following:

  • Rental Full Suspension Mountain Bikes
  • Rental Electric Bikes
  • Rental Hybrids
  • Rental Road Bikes

Many of our riders like the rental bike so much, they opt to purchase a similar one to keep. In these instances, the rider has a full 30 days to use the rental fee toward a new ride!

Call or stop in to see how we can help make your riding better!



  • Tom Wheatley
    Posted June 26, 2019 at 12:43 pm

    I highly recommend this especially if you are thinking about buying a bike and want to try one over some distance first instead of just a spin in the parking lot. I wound up purchasing an AWOL Elite and it is simply an fantastic bicycle!

  • Tom Wheatley
    Posted June 26, 2019 at 12:44 pm

    typo, AWOL Expert

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