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The Roubaix and the woman’s Ruby have long been the best selling road bikes in the Specialized arsenal, and they are getting a major re-work for the 2017 model year.

For those of you who do not know, the Roubaix / Ruby was designed to mute the harsh vibrations found on rougher roads, providing a smoother and faster ride. The 2017 update takes this to the next level.


  • Rider First Engineering (the various sizes have optimized tube diameters)
  • Future Shock front damping system (wait, what!?!?!)
  • Newly designed frame to allow for more vertical compliance
  • Clearance for up to a 32mm tire
  • Integrated (and removable) gear storage

So let’s talk about that whole Future Shock thing. I know what you are thinking, 1999 Cannondale Silk Road redux – no thanks! Well not so much, let’s look closer and think it through. I mentioned that this is Specialized’s number one selling road bike, which it is by a LOT! Let’s also consider the amount of resources at Specialized’s  disposal, they are immense! Rumor has it that Specialized has been prototyping this new Roubaix / Ruby over 4 years.  I will submit that Specialized is not stupid enough to make this move unless they truly believe that this bike is amazing.

Roger already has his order so he will offer first hand experience soon.

Time will tell. I remember resisting suspension on mountain bikes. I recall moaning over disc brakes…. Perhaps the most challenging question is, what if it IS amazing? What if it proves to be faster?! What if the suspension offers increased front end control and improved tracking ? What if it offers a dream ride? Are you willing to embrace the change?

Learn more about the Future Shock Technology:

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