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Yesterday we completed a fun project: an IF Steel Deluxe Single Speed with a customized XTR crank (a la Jeff Jones). The bike is painted Vanilla Shake with green decals and has the Paragon Sliding Dropouts.

It is built up with the Pace carbon fork and tips that scale at 21.7lbs. More pictures here:

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  • kev
    Posted June 6, 2007 at 7:31 am

    First off thanks again Tom for everything. I took it out for the first time last night. Everything I had hoped for and more. I’ve been riding my old Klein that I converted to a SS for the last 2 months and getting back on a steel frame felt magical :). There is just something about that dampening quality of steel that feels so nice. The other thing I noticed was how much stiffer the XTR cranks are compared to the ISIS/Raceface setup I had on the Klein. It’s so smooth and quiet too, no creaking. That’s one thing that’s always irked me about singlespeeds are the noises they develop sometimes. I came up behind a guy at The Burn 24hr race on my Klein that was creaking and wheezing the whole time. The first thing he said before looking back is “You must be on a singlespeed”.Other than adjusting the seat post I didn’t have any of the new bike gremlins to work out. No shifting issues because there is nothing to shift! Just get on and ride.

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