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Recently I had the opportunity to compare two carbon 29er mountain bike forks, White Brothers Rock Solid and Origin8 Black Ops. I have not ridden either of these products for any length of time so this is not an evaluation or ride report

What I noticed was based on appearances these two forks are identical. From the crown to the drop outs every detail (except graphics) appears the same. The Origin8 fork sells for around $249.99 and weighs 784.2 grams. The White Brothers costs around $359.99 and tips the scale at 821.5 grams. The difference in weight could be with in the range of expected variance.

With this information it is clear that both companies are using the same Asian manufacturer. It is possible however, that the forks are made in the same plant but different materials and carbon weaves are used. I can not assess the materials used in the forks or construction methods. This post is not intended to be discouraging and I make no claim as to the quality of either fork. I simply found it interesting and wanted to share. I should also note that I have no fundamental problem outsourcing and view it as sometimes necessary. I, for example, am not even typing this entry myself. I have a contract with a firm in Asia that I let pound the keyboard for me 😉

Tom Rinker Dictated but not read

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White Brothers & Origin8 29er Forks - The Bicycle Escape