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Fuse Pro Review by our friend Dave.
This bike is a must have for the Frederick Watershed. It easily replaces your aging 26 or 29er full suspension bike. The 650B x 3.0 inch “Fattie” wheels soaks up bumps and allows you to charge through rock gardens without worrying about what line to take. Yes, it is a Hardtail, but it doesn’t feel like one. When one runs tubeless, you can run at a lower pressure, hence the tire acts like a rear shock. The “Fattie” is not too big. A true “fat tire” bike sometimes feels like you are going to bounce off the trail. This bike is fast too. One doesn’t feel any slower with a wider wheel. In fact, it can make you faster.

The gravity dropper seat post is amazing. They are great when going over roll overs and drops. Just drop it on the downhills and roll overs and extend it on the climbs. You can do this just by pressing a lever where the left shifter use to be.

The bottom line:
-more traction on climbs
-don’t have to be a careful picking lines on rock gardens
-light (28 lbs- without pedals and set up for tubeless)
-more nimble
-better confidence to huck over logs and big rocks
-lock out fork – great for climbs
-great all-mountain geometry
-will take down hills fine, but keep your DH bike.

Here is another rider’s (also named David) thoughts:
Advise customers that the Plus bikes rip high speed off camber turns and grips high speed downhill off camber turns unlike any else.  New riders might especially respond to the confidence the Fuze delivers.  More experienced riders will be thrilled by this new dimension, particularly on downhill off camber trails.

Specialized Fuse Pro 2016

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Specialized Fuse Pro Review - The Bicycle Escape