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Don’t be fooled… there is only one true way to be properly fit to your bicycle. A trained fit technician must take the time to understand your unique needs as a cyclist and adjust the bicycle accordingly. Neither quick formulas, body measurements, nor the latest laser-guided machines are substitutes for a bicycle fit session. The human body is difficult to measure, and each person’s flexibility, capabilities, and desires are unique to the individual.

At The Bicycle Escape, our Size-Cycle Certified Fit Technician will use the latest methods developed by physicians, cyclists, and fit specialists to ensure each rider the perfect fit. This process allows the client to experience multiple positions and offer feedback while being moved toward the ideal fit on our infinitely adjustable sizing tool. At any time during the fitting session, the client is encouraged to offer feedback. At the completion of the session, there is never any question regarding the final positioning of the bike.

This process will help any cyclist, from a casual rider to a professional athlete. You will become bio-mechanically efficient, balanced, comfortable, aerodynamic, and able to breathe more effectively, ride longer, and prevent injury. The finished product is never based on vague or hard to obtain body measurements or dated equations. It is based on how one individual moves on the bike given their unique abilities, limitations, and history of injuries.

Benefits of a properly fitted bike

  • Comfort
  • Improved handling and control
  • Reduced chance of injury
  • Aero dynamics
  • Balance
  • Bio-mechanical efficiency
  • Increased oxygen intake
  • Ability to enjoy longer rides

Fitting Procedures

Please allow 2 to 3 hours for complete fitting process

The process begins with an interview that introduces the Fit Specialist to you and your cycling history. Several questions are asked about your cycling goals, strengths and weaknesses, as well as an overview of injuries or health issues that may affect your riding position.

Inseam and Shoulder Measurement
Second, two quick body measurements are recorded to establish a starting point. Measuring your shoulder width helps the technician select the appropriate handle bar. The inseam measurement assesses your ability to stand comfortably over the top tube of the bicycle. It is important to note that bicycle frames are not sized off one’s inseam measurement alone.

Flexibility Assessment
During this stage the technician documents your flexibility. This provides some guidelines for position on the bike. One should not be at the end range of their flexibility when in their riding stance. Once correct positioning is achieved a cyclist should feel both balanced and comfortable.

Size-Cycle Fitting
At this point, the information gathered in the previous steps is converted and applied to a fully adjustable stationary bike called a size-cycle. As you spin on the bike the technician views your movements and gradually adapts the machine to accommodate your body. Viewed in the purest sense the technician is orienting the human body in space. Once your body is properly positioned, the coordinates are recorded. They can then be applied to any bicycle, stock or custom.

Computrainer Pro
The Bicycle Escape uses one of the most advanced tools for biofeedback: the Computrainer Pro. This device provides a non-biased view of how effectively you are performing. The information is then used to increase your average watt output and maximize the efficiency of every pedal stroke.

Drafting of a custom frame
Next measurements are taken off the Size-Cycle and applied to a production or custom bike. If one opts to have a custom bike designed the frame builder will create a bike that will position the rider properly and handle like a dream. Because they create each bike for one individual the model is up to the rider. We will explain the differences and work with you to select the best frame for your use. Our staff will also help you select the best components and different finish options.

Test Ride
While custom is always the best option it is often possible to properly fit an athlete to a stock bike. After the fitting we are happy to alter any of our bikes to your fitting specifications. This is especially helpful if you choose to purchase a production bike. We will determine which stock geometry will best suit your needs. In some cases we can set up your existing bike to match the Size-Cycle coordinates.

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