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Gambrill Night Ride

Ready for the Gambrill Graveyard Shift? Join us during the winter months for this weekly Wednesday evening ride. The Gambrill State Park night mountain bike rides will return this off-season! The Bicycle Escape started these rides way back in 2006 with our friends from M.O.R.E.

DATE & TIME: 2021 Ride is on hold

DESCRIPTION: These rides are super fun. Meet up is at the Gambrill lower trailhead parking lot. We often split into two groups to accommodate both a casual pace and more speedy riders. If you are confident riding the Gambrill Yellow trail during the day, then this ride just might be a great way for you to enjoy the trail in a new light.

DIFFICULTY: Newer riders should consider other alternatives as Gambrill offers a very rocky, more challenging terrain.

TIPS: A good light is an absolute must! It is best to have an additional light in case one fails. The ideal set-up is one light on the bar and one on the helmet. A helmet light comes in really handy in the event of a mechanical issue.

LOCATION: Gambrill State Park


NOTE: If you’re a first timer on this ride, please drop us a note below if you have any questions.

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