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Where to Ride

Frederick County and the surrounding area is a haven of diverse riding opportunities. Find just the ride you’ve been looking for or discover new trails and routes.

Mountainvbiker trail riding


We are lucky to live in an area that is home to some of the most challenging and beautiful mountain biking on the East Coast. There are also plenty of beginner-friendly options, so don’t be afraid to get out on the mountain!

Woman with a baby riding her bike


Frederick county and the surrounding area boasts some fine options for recreational path riding. Whether you are looking to get your heart rate up or enjoy an evening with the family, Frederick has great options.

Group of road riders


Meandering country roads, covered bridges, and picturesque farm land make Frederick a perfect mecca for road riding. Not enough? Try some of the county’s gravel roads or explore the downtown alleys- Frederick has it all!

Catching some air at the bike park

BMX & Dirt Jump

Looking for some great opportunities to rip, rail, and sail in the Frederick area? If you’re ready to adventure out and play in the park or find some dirt – you don’t have to go far to do it!